About Us

Who We Are

Tehama Together is a nonprofit group of volunteers that works together to address the needs of Tehama County.

Our Vision

Tehama County residents have access to the resources and tools they need to lead happy, healthy lives.

Our Mission

Work with citizens, businesses, government, and non-profit partners to identify and find solutions for unmet needs of Tehama County residents.

Our History

The first meeting of Tehama Together was held on January 19, 2009, the National Day of Community Service, and was attended by approximately 25 people who formed the nucleus of what is now Tehama Together. Those early participants decided to develop a collaborative umbrella for dealing with unmet needs in Tehama County.

Initial organizers were Noel Bookout, Orle Jackson, Colleen Sheehan, Chris Stewart, Sr. Pat Manoli, Don Gerber and Kathy Moore. Subsequently the group met and was offered a home at Pine Street Plaza at 332 Pine Street, Red Bluff. On November 9, 2009, approximately 100 community members gathered for the grand opening of the Tehama Together Headquarters.

For the past nine years Tehama Together has been recognized as a major program in Tehama County. Subsequently, the Board met monthly and obtained its 501c3 status on January 28, 2010. From the initial beginning, it has grown to include four major programs and many sponsored projects.

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Tehama Together is a working board. Having never had employees, board members carry out the tasks associated with the organization’s programs and sponsored projects. With the time demands placed on board members, most of the members are retired professionals representing education, social services and financial services. In implementing the agency’s programs, acting as a collaborative umbrella, the board is supported by representatives of over one hundred nonprofits, public agencies, businesses and individuals. In addition,  supportive services are provided by AARP’s Senior Community Service Employment Program and CalWORKs Employment Services. With this staffing pattern, Tehama Together can provide many services with a minimal operating budget.

The Board of Directors meets on the second Monday of the month at 4:00 pm.

President : Patricia Phillips
Co-Vice President : Candy Carlson
Co-Vice President: Bill Fleharty
Treasurer : Noel Bookout
Secretary : Lia Dimillo-Gray
Community Event Coordinator : Kathleen Figueiredo

Patricia Phillips


Volunteer Positions/Community Liaisons
Dog Park Coordinator
Garden Club

"Seven years ago I met Tehama Together's CEO Orle Jackson in a Parks and Recreation meeting regarding the construction of a dog park. Since then I have been continually grateful and amazed to work beside such selfless and big hearted board members. It has been a wonderful experience to be involved."

Candy Carlson

Co-Vice President

Volunteer Positions/Community Liaisons
Elder Services Liaison
Home Again K9s for Veterans

"I feel privileged to have served with some of the most amazing volunteers over the years. My favorite thing about Tehama Together is that it is a 'yes' organization that affects incredible outcomes supporting this community and I'm looking forward to working toward longevity and sustainability."

Bill Fleharty

Bill Fleharty

Co-Vice President

Volunteer Positions/Community Liaisons
Community Outreach
Retired probation officer
Board member of Sacramento Discovery Center

"As a long time resident of Tehama County and retired probation officer, I am interested in serving the needs of our local population.I assist with school programs for elementary students. I also work with the SRDC staff in garden and greenhouse maintenance and assist with our biannual plant sales. I have experienced the dedication and willingness to help our local residents by theTehama Together board is very impressive and I hope to contribute to their efforts."

Noel Bookout


Volunteer Positions/Community Liaisons
Operations Coordinator
Veterans Collaborative
County Planning Commissioner
Community Center Commission

"I had worked with nonprofits from the side of financial support and was interested in getting in on the ground floor of the creation of a new organization. I like the staff and the other directors I work with and I like helping those in need."

Lia Dimillo-Gray

Lia Dimillo-Gray


Volunteer Positions/Community Liaisons
Retired Teacher and Social Worker
NonProfit Round Table Chair
Americorps Seniors Program Representative
Community Liaisons
Community Needs Assessment Committee

"I was involved with the NonProfit Round Table through my work. After retiring in 2016, I joined the Board of Directors. In these past years I have met positive, engaging individuals who have enriched my life. I have witnessed amazing things happen when people work together in service to the community."

Kathleen Figueiredo

Kathleen Figueiredo

Community Event Coordinator

Volunteer Positions/Community Liaisons
Tehama County Coordinator for Film Tehama
Community Outreach Coordinator

"I care deeply about housing issues and reducing the stigma of mental health disease. Soon after I arrived in Red Bluff I saw a blurb in the local paper reaching out for volunteers and I jumped in immediately. I am honored to serve as a Tehama Together Board Member."

Sabrina Jurisich

Sabrina Jurisich

Board Member

Volunteer Positions/Community Liaisons
Community Outreach
Upstate Film Commissioner for Shasta, Tehama, Yuba, and Sutter counties

"I have always been impressed with Tehama Together because it exists to serve the community and does so in a myriad of ways. I love the fact that it has been primarily run by volunteers passionate about giving back and there is a place for everyone to contribute according to their giftings and interests. The diversity of programs supported and launched through this small organization is inspiring and showcases how far we can go by working together! It is an honor to serve at Tehama Together!"

Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy

Board Member

Volunteer Positions/Community Liaisons
Community Outreach
CFA/Food Share Coordinator

Sharon young

Board Member

Volunteer Positions/Community Liaisons

"I like the Nonprofit Roundtable for invigorating the nonprofit community in Tehama County. My hope for the future is that our garden project will be up and running soon."

Former Board Members

Remembered and appreciated for the time, passion and commitment provided.

Dennis Albright (Deceased)
Phyllis Avilla
Elaine Benwell
Hannah Brown
James Bryant
Ruth Deike
Lia DiMillo-Gray
Beverly Erdos
Don Gerber(Deceased)
Anthony Gilbert
Guadalupe Green

Richard Hammond
Mary Hobi (Deceased)
Orle Jackson (Deceased)
Gail Locke
Sr. Pat Manoli
Irene Miller
Kathy Moore
Susann Muer
Dave Plowman
Nan Renick
Annaly Ramirez

Latisha Sanchez
Colleen Sheehan
Jerry Swart
Christina Stewart
Ashley Stewart Wall
Christine Wall
Annette Wallingford
James Wallingford
Camilla Wurfel
Teresa Moyer